IRC Section 475 Election for Mark-To-Market (MTM) Accounting

Qualified traders (other than Corporations) must make a properly filed election by 4/15/2024 to obtain the benefits of IRC Section 475 for Tax year 2024.
Elections under Section 475 have potentially enormous upside advantages to virtually all qualified traders and almost no disadvantages

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Have the Irs subsidize your trading business

Taxes are by far the single largest expense for any profitable trader.
We are all too aware that the IRS becomes your partner and in essence claims as much as 40% of your profits.
Filing your return as a trader will significantly reduce your tax.

Many traders pay more tax than they have to. Qualified Traders should learn to use
aggressive, existing and proven strategies to reduce their tax burden.

Learn how to make the IRS become your partner should you have a net trading loss.