• Preparation of all required federal and state individual and entity tax returns
  • Amendment of Prior Year Tax Returns to claim refunds attributable to trading expenses which were not claimed or incorrectly reported
  • Carry back of Net Operating Losses from Section 475 Elections
  • Review of returns prepared by other professionals or self-prepared returns
  • Consultation on Section 475 Elections or other tax matters pertaining to traders
  • Tax Reduction Planning Strategies
  • Entity Consultation and Formation

Taxes for Traders, LLC will prepare any required individual, corporate (LLC, C Corp. S Corp.), partnership, and fiduciary (estates and trusts) income tax returns.

In addition, we will prepare intangible property, gift, payroll, employment reporting forms and sales tax returns as requested and required.

Our services include year round tax planning, questions, projections, quarterly estimates and other required or requested services. In most cases, there is no additional charge for these services as our annual preparation fee includes year round services. For special or time consuming projects or issues requiring extensive research, there may be additional charges which will be discussed and agreed to in advance before the commencement of any work.

We can also review your self-prepared tax return. Many traders enjoy or feel more comfortable preparing their return on Turbo Tax or other over the counter tax programs. Other traders may have their “old” accountant prepare their tax return since he/she has been doing it for years. In any case, we can look at a draft of your return prior to your submission to the IRS and suggest changes to schedule or format, suggest overlooked expenses or discuss items of interest or potentially troubling.

1) FREE YEAR END TAX PROJECTIONS– Preparation of a draft of your 2021 projected tax return will be prepared for you. The time for tax planning is PRIOR to year-end. Now is the time to look at your estimated and actual year end income and expenses to determine if you should prepay state income tax, set up a pension plan, generate additional expenses and other possible strategies. We will prepare a draft of your 2021 tax return free of charge if you provide your 2020 tax return and estimated 2021 figures. In addition to considering tax planning strategies, this will also allow you to see your cash flow requirements for the fourth quarter 2021 and any balances due in April 2022 or the amount of refunds expected.

2) FREE PHONE OR EMAIL CONSULTATION– Call or email our office at no charge to discuss your tax situation, issues and questions. There is no charge for this consultation as we enjoy helping traders pay the least possible tax. Taxes are the largest single expense for a profitable trader. Traders search to pay the least commission with the best possible service; the same should hold true regarding any required tax payments.

3) FREE ANALYSIS OF PRIOR TAX RETURNS- -Expert analysis of trader and non-trader tax issues could uncover an error. There are many competent accountants preparing tax returns who do not understand the trading business or who do not have enough trader clients to stay abreast of all the new tax laws concerning traders. Frequently we can discover errors that can be corrected to obtain a refund of taxes previously paid.

4) FREE TRADER EVALUATION- Find out whether your unique fact pattern qualifies you as a trader. If you have just started trading or are not a scalper averaging 20 trades a day, you might have a question as to whether you qualify as a trader or whether you are an active investor. If you fill out our questionnaire located on our web site, we will evaluate your particular tax status and advise you on the best way to file your tax return and provide helpful tips